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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Danny Glover in the A.M.

Sorry for the late post here but the only internet connection I can get is at the local coffee house -- which is in the heart of a small arts community here in south central.

This morning Danny Glover stopped by to have breakfast and lend a hand. He spoke of the larger issue this stand the farmers of South Central are taking. He definitely suprised me with his ability to speak to the core of what was really happening here. Urban renewal has lots of faces but the importance of this community around a farm that yields fresh fruits and vegetables and a safe and clean space for children to play has a special space in that discussion. Whether we choose to change our cities with raising new buildings or adding more open space, the idea of locally owned and operated food production can't be ignored. Most of our food travels hundreds if not thousands of miles everyday. Here, we're eating some of the freshest organic fruits and vegetables I've ever tasted. And its all being grown 30 feet from the table.

I'll post a video update in a few...anyone know of decent free software to edit vid clips?


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