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Friday, June 02, 2006

Waiting Game

Were at one of the harder moments in all of this. We've been so ready for some sort of police action that we might be overprepared for it. We've had drills in the mornings, simulations and trainings to get ready and I have to say that the community here feels very confident in that preparation. Right now, even though the ball appears to be in the Sheriff's court, we're growing the community every moment. I talked with several community members this morning and everyone is in very high spirits, despite not have showered or slept in a real bed in a long time.

One of the folks I spoke with is leading the overall management and nitty-gritty of the camp. Love, as he is called, is the pep in all our steps. He's usually on the walkie-talkie handing out needs and asking for information. Often, he'll be starting his security shift as everyone else is crawling into bed. He's just one of many community members here who doesn't see any of this as a sacrifice on his part. "It's part of the deal, man, to be a part of a community you can't be too selfish." But you can hear it from the horse's mouth...


  • Is it possible to be too prepared? Maybe...but probably not. Stand strong and good luck. I wish we were there to stand alongside all of you!
    Fela Cortes
    Brooklyn, NY

    By Anonymous Fela Cortes, at 6:17 AM  

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