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Saturday, June 03, 2006

No Nos Vamos

There seems to be several reasons why the sheriff's won't be moving in anytime soon to evict us forcibly. These are all guesses at this point but I think they're fairly valid reasons as to why the LAPD is thinking twice about coming here to begin tearing down this community and arrest activists.

1. Media buzz: we're still getting good local media. It even was a national story for a moment and this kind of attention keeps the PD at bay. I doubt they'll come down here in riot gear when a bunch of celebs are visiting with the farmers and community members.

2. Sheriff's re-election on Tuesday: the local sheriff and LAPD chief are up for re-election in about 72 hours...thats a gamble they don't want to mess with. Lee Baca currently holds the office but is currently being shelled by opponents on issues around jail space after he closed down several jails to save money -- all the inmates were given "early-release."

3. Growing support: people continue to come and help out in whatever capacity they can. I met several students from CAL who had driven down to camp out and a contingent of Seattle folks as well. So the question is, when are you coming to the farm?

With the current situation its hard to imagine that a police raid would occur in the next few days. Let's hope that the LAPD is smarter than it was back in '92 and instead of breaking down their very own community they stand up for it.

How about it LAPD? Will you come have tamales with us? You'll be greeted with open arms if you come to join us and not evict us. You're a vital part of our community too.


  • Great blog. My 16 month old daughter has been to the farm 3 times this week. Babies support the farm too!

    By Blogger Jenni, at 12:44 PM  

  • Thanks for blogging about this. I posted about it and linked to you here:

    Thanks for being there.

    By Anonymous Marilyn, at 2:44 PM  

  • The events of today should serve as a wake up call that the LAPD and Sheriff's department is not part of your community but instead are there to keep you, the rabble in their eyes in line, that is to keep you from seriously challenging this system of undue privlage and exculsion and the corercive authority of the buracratic state. Remember that it was not simply negotiations that got the you the farm in the first place. But instead that the creation of the farm was a direct result of the 1992 LA uprising, or riots as the corporate press likes to refer to them. Your opponants only negotiate with you from positions of power and will not take you seriously except when you carry out direct actions that threaten them like the uprising of 1992 did. You owe the creation of the farm to your own solidarity, hard work and to the direct actions of the 1992 LA uprising and to little else.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:35 PM  

  • So, the farm is gone - another victim of the Environmental Holocaust.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:24 PM  

  • Is everyone nuts here? It is someone else's property!? I'm not sure why people feel entitled to squat on what someone else pays for. If you love the land so much, buy it. If you can't afford it, find investors.

    I'm not sure what the difference between sitting on this land and sitting in someone's house is.

    It's not your land!! Say thanks for letting us borrow it for so long and move on.

    Geez people.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:30 PM  

  • "I'm not sure what the difference between sitting on this land and sitting in someone's house is."

    The difference is that someone occupies the house and the house was built through human effort. The land on the other hand was built by no one and in that regard it is like the air that we breathe, would you recommended that a select few someday attempt to make a commodity out of the air and sell it only to those who can pay for it? I'm sure that if it could be done people would pay a premium to breathe. Land is a necessity just like air is and since it wasn't produced by the labor of anyone it only seems just that no one should be able to claim dominion over it.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:47 AM  

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